Square Bamboo Plate w/ Suction Bottom

Square Bamboo Plate w/ Suction Bottom

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Babyboss Panda bamboo plate with silicone suction plug is a dining set made of organic bamboo. The plate is stuck to the table with a suction plug.

The spoon is included. The silicone makes it easy for food to stay and not slip off while making the wooden shaft easy to grip.

A durable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly food set from Babyboss with 100% bamboo without plastic or other additives. Free of bpa, bps, pvc, lead, melamine and phthalates. The bamboo is fsc-branded and surface treated with food approved coating to withstand moisture and not discolor. The silicone is food approved and completely free of plastics, bpa, pvc and phthalates.

Dimensions of the bowl:

  • Width: 12cm
  • Length: 12cm
  • Depth: 5cm
  • Weight: Approx. 250g

Never leave your child unattended when eating.
Made in China