Miki Miette


· inspired by motherhood ·

Miki Miette was founded in 2011 by Sawako Yamauchi, a Los Angeles-based fashion designer. After spending 12 years in womenswear and menswear, Sawako received the news of her soon-to-be son, inspiring her to create a beautiful little brand for her little one that would grow and evolve organically as he did.

Her dream has since taken on a life of its own, blooming to become a successful line of trendsetting children’s fashion.

Miki Miette’s styles have been sold in boutiques and retailers around the country, including Nordstrom and Barneys New York.


· celebrating the magic of childhood ·

Whether it's jet-setting with their parents or making pancakes at home on a lazy Sunday, we make comfy, fashionable styles for you and your little ones to enjoy every day.

We, as parents, have the power to inspire their sense of self and individuality. We believe every child deserves to have their personal sense of style expressed—even if it's wearing their jacket inside out and their snowboots out in the summer!


· capturing the California lifestyle ·

With sand between our toes and palm trees swaying in the wind, Miki Miette presents the ultimate every day kids fashions.

Pulling inspiration from anything from our favorite 80's movies, to a day picking colorful fruit at the farmers market with our kids, our designs are put together with loving detail.  

51 products

51 products