About Slumberkins

Slumberkins is an emotional learning brand on a mission to empower children to be caring, confident, and resilient.  

Who We Are

Founded by a special education teacher and a family therapist, Slumberkins was created to bring effective early emotional learning tools into as many homes and schools as possible. We invite you to explore our ever-growing collection of books and resources and meet the creatures who are helping children and their families reinforce healthy attachments and positive beliefs about themselves and the world. 

What We Know. What We Believe. 

We know emotional learning is a lifelong journey that begins with connection. We believe connection builds community, community fosters resilience, and a resilient community doesn’t let you struggle alone.

We know that noticing, naming, and welcoming our feelings impacts our choices and behaviors, and we believe unlocking these skills individually is the key to coming together collectively. 

We know, firsthand, the power of families and educators working in tandem, and we believe we can provide approachable tools to all of the important people in your child’s early emotional learning journey. 

We know a “big picture” takes small steps, and we believe every day is an opportunity to reimagine a healthy childhood, connect with our brightest selves, and create a more kind and caring future world, together. 

What We Do

We pursue emotional learning with our “Connect-to-Grow” approach that strengthens children’s relationships to the important adults in their lives.

Connect-to-Grow supports a more conscious and compassionate world by helping children and their families:

  • Identify, embrace, and learn from all feelings, big and small
  • Deepen healthy relationships through meaningful moments in everyday life
  • Step into their most authentic selves and honor the diverse world in which we live
  • Lay the foundation for a lifetime of confidence, empathy, and resiliency

18 products

18 products