Sweet Bamboo

Established in 2012 by native New Yorker, Wendy Besio – designer, registered dietitian, mother of three!

While on assignment in Shanghai, China with her husband, son, and growing baby belly, Wendy rolled up her sleeves and discovered what doing business in China was all about. What started as a simple quest to find the ‘perfect fabric’ for her then unborn son, turned into kilos of colors and racks of cute little clothes.

Wendy chose bamboo as the source for her fabric after months of research and testing. “I wanted to curate fabric that was different than traditional cotton; something that felt like cashmere and silk combined. I was seeking fabric that was soft yet durable, hypoallergenic, and sustainable" said Wendy. After watching bamboo stalks grow inches overnight, she worked with a local factory to develop the perfect blend of OEKO-TEX certified fabric.

Sweet Bamboo products are made with 100% love. We have a genuine passion for what we do and the little souls we service.

39 products

39 products