orangeheat was established in 2009 and has been printing your children's favorite tees on Made in the USA organic cottons and triblends ever since.

orangeheat began in founder Sean Friesen's childhood bedroom, its walls papered with cult images of California Dogtown skaters and gradient sunsets. The last of four artistic children, he set out on the road at 16 with his rock band, at the height of the punk era, to play underground clubs across North America and Europe. After decades of touring, Sean landed in Los Angeles and had a son. 

Out for strolls with his baby, who seemed never to sleep, Sean collected vintage images from the streets of LA that he silk-screened onto onesies; later, he began to illustrate from photographs taken around his Venice neighborhood—where gradient sunsets now appeared out his window. 

With an artistic style naturally attuned to the raw playfulness of kids, orangeheat grew in step with his son, and it now outfits singular kids from newborn to size 12.

14 products

14 products