SoYoung is a Canadian and female owned brand of thoughtfully-made lifestyle goods on a mission to make personal wellness sustainable, stylish and self-empowering.


It is our deepest hope that our products serve to empower others to overcome their own limiting beliefs and access the courage necessary to pursue their own best life


Hello! Over 20 years ago, I got clean from a drug addiction which started me on a quest of personal healing that continues to this day.

That quest is what propelled me to start SoYoung; I had lived a good portion of my life believing in my own lack, with an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. The only way I found to counter this belief was to have the courage to think bigger, believe in my own potential and pursue a greater vision. SoYoung has become the vehicle through which I tap into my inner resilience and continually push past the boundaries of what I think I'm capable of.

17 products

17 products